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The Last Grand Duchess

This sweeping novel takes readers behind palace walls to see the end of Imperial Russia through the eyes of Olga Nikolaevna Romanov, first daughter of the last tsar 

Delve Deeper into the World of
The Last Grand Duchess

Court Circular

Learn about the people who interacted with Olga before and after the Russian Revolution

Image by Rachel Cheng
Image by Victor Malyushev


& Architecture

Explore the exquisite locations that make up the world of The Last Grand Duchess

Sneak Peek

Want to read on? Click here to read the first few pages of

The Last Grand Duchess

Image by Kate Hliznitsova
What People Are Saying about The Last Grand Duchess

"The Last Grand Duchess depicts a real family, with all their eccentricities and dynamics, while weaving in key details of the real Romanovs... Inspired and truthful."


Starred Review

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