"Takes a story we think we know and turns it on its head, with captivating results."

Jennifer Robson

USA Today bestselling author

Canadian Bestseller! Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook,

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The Woman Before Wallis is based on the true story of Thelma Morgan Furness, the American woman who lost Edward, Prince of Wales, to Wallis Simpson in 1934. It centers on Thelma’s real-life involvement in The Matter of Vanderbilt, a trial which saw Thelma’s twin sister, Gloria Vanderbilt, sued for custody of her daughter on charges of negligence, unfit parenting and homosexuality. As her sister gains international notoriety, Thelma looks on, knowing that her own fall from grace might not be far behind.  

About Bryn

When she was eleven years old, Bryn Turnbull accidentally put her foot through a single-pane window while leafing through a well-worn copy of Sandman (Volume 2). The incident, which resulted in a trip to the hospital, five stitches, and a unique application of superglue, taught her two things: one, that reading is not, and should not be attempted as, a full-contact sport; and two, that writers can create worlds within a book so absorbing, so completely and utterly all-encompassing, that they can drive readers to such distraction as to forget the outside world entirely.  

What People Are Saying
"Brimming with scandal and an equal amount of heart..."
Chanel Cleeton, New York Times bestselling author

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“Brimming with scandal and an equal amount of heart…a sweeping yet intimate look at the lives of some of history’s most notorious figures from Vanderbilts to the Prince of Wales… A must-read.”

Chanel Cleeton

New York Times bestselling author of When We Left Cuba and Next Year in Havana

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