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The Paris Deception: Book Club Menu

The kind people at The Book Club Cookbook asked me to create a menu inspired by The Paris Deception, and being an unrepentant foodie I was only too happy to oblige!

"In The Paris Deception, Fabienne happens upon her parents, Annette and Maurice, sharing a quiet moment in the kitchen, and to me those moments are the ones that make a meal: spending time with loved ones, and sharing those culinary duties – chopping and kneading, table-setting and doing the dishes. We remember the stand-out menus, of course, but it’s those moments with friends and family that truly make a dinner – any dinner – special."

Check out the article in the link below for my thoughts on food rationing in occupied France, the importance of meals with loved ones, and a dinner party menu which includes:

  • My own Chateau Dolus inspired creation, Coq au Champagne

  • The classic Parisian jambon-beurre sandwich

  • A stunning charcuterie board

  • The perfect, luxurious French chocolat chaud

  • A delightfully brisk and bubbly French 75 cocktail

Check out the full menu by visiting The Book Club Cookbook!

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