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On Fountain Pens

A picture of a blank lined notepad with a silver metal fountain pen resting on top of it
The pace of technology no longer moves at millennial speed – and I must confess, even that felt a little too brisk for my liking. The fountain pen was once newfangled, too: if I’d lived during its advent, no doubt I’d be trimming my quill and turning up my nose, archly declaring, “It will never last."

In which I discuss my curmudgeonly love for old things, hosted by the lovely people at Women Writers, Women's Books.

"I’ve collected fountain pens since I was in high school, when, on an exchange to France I found they were the classroom norm. I suspected that they accounted for the impeccable penmanship of my French peers, including the swan-dive tails on their numbers that made math aesthetically pleasing, if not enjoyable."

Click here for the full article.

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