Drinks With Dames

Before COVID-19, I had fairly set ideas of what promoting The Woman Before Wallis was going to look like. It would involve a few stacks of my novel, rooms full of people, permanent markers, tiny canapes, wine, and handshakes (remember those?) When the quarantine hit and upended all of those plans, I was -- well, terrified, quite frankly, about what the shift would mean. But thankfully, I've made friends with a group of incredible authors who are making the brave new world of online authoring look effortless.

Earlier this month, I connected with them to talk about life in quarantine, upcoming releases, and the wild world of writing historical fiction. Featuring Georgie Blalock, Janie Chang, Chanel Cleeton, Laura Kamoie, Eliza Knight, Kerri Maher, Kate Quinn, Alix Rickloff, Jennifer Robson, Erika Robuck, Renee Rosen, Stephanie Thornton, and yours truly, this was a fantastic socially distant cocktail party! We're hoping to do a few more over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for your chance to join us for a quarantini.


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