David's Bar Cart: Old Fashioned

Picture showing a drink being poured, with the caption "My dear, have you any American bourbon? I've a cocktail I want to try, it's got bitters and orange peel and I got squiffed on the stuff in Malta."

When I was in university, my grandfather (who extolled the virtues of a summer cocktail hour) taught me how to make my first cocktail. Sugar, bitters, orange – smooth and sweet at the same time. It was an Old Fashioned, and I was hooked on bartending. Over my university years, cocktail making helped to offset the money I spent cocktail drinking, and became my go-to party trick at dinner parties (remember when we used to have those?)

When George, Duke of Kent, showed up in my novel demanding a cocktail, I knew I had to base it on the first and best drink: the Old Fashioned, as taught by my Grandpa. Here it is.

2 oz. bourbon

1 sugar cube

2 dashes Angostura bitters


Orange twist

Put the sugar cube in the bottom of a rock glass and cover it with the bitters. Using a teaspoon, muddle up the sugar cube (adding a little bit of water to make the task easier). Add the ice (preferably a large lump, but cubes can work too), and pour over the whiskey. Stir, then garnish with the orange twist.

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